Multigraph window settings

is it possible to change the default view to day in a multigraph, I miss that setting like in the real time graph (zoom. ie. hour/day/week/month/year) Default visible window interval

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I’m pretty sure, Multigraph retains the zoom set when the visualisation was saved.


The default view is a week. if you click on day, and refresh the browser it switches back to week view.

When in the visualisation editor, change the zoom and then save the visualisation (you may need to change the scale or something for it to offer you the save option).

I’ve got a dashboard with different visualisations on it and they have different default zoom levels, so I know it is possible (can’t experiment right now).

It’s possible it is done by the dashboard but I doubt it.

Ah, are you viewing this in a dashboard? If not, add the visualisation to a dashboard.

I am view it in a dashboard

I’ll have a play when I get home.

If you have gone into graphs, changed the zoom and forced a save at that zoom level (if it doesn’t offer the save you need to change scale and then back), then go into the dashboard editor and move the visualisation so you can force a save, that might do it. When in the dashboard editor, can you change the zoom level there? I’m not sure you can.

As I say, I have a dashboard with different multigraphs at different zoom levels :grin:.

Yep that did the trick.

Change some other options and back again, make the zoom and save…

now the window keeps the settings for the zoom factor…

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