Multigraph error

on a raspberry PI (EmonBase)

When trying to create a multigraph I get this error. Just did a factory reset,
any idea what is going on??

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Thanks @Boye I havent been able to replicate this exact error but did find another suggesting multigraphFeedList was undefined. I’ve now fixed that error. Could you run update again and check if that clears this error for you?

Hi @TrystanLea The error is gone on the dashboard with regular graphs

but still present on the dashboard with the multigraph.
Do you want the update log??


yes great the update log would be great, I cant seem to track it down here with the multigraph on a dashboard either.

Log file for @TrystanLea

emonpiupdate.txt (11.6 KB)

Thanks @Boye I cant see anything wrong in the log. Could you try removing the multigraph and adding it back in?

I deleted the multigraph on the dash, and deleted the multigraph itself.
got this error.

btw I brought the emonBase with me home from work, there was no error on my desktop PC.(at work I have a laptop)

both running Windows 7 64bit and I use google chrome browser

Problem fixed, @TrystanLea sorry for your time spend.

FIX: Delete Multigraph, in visualization tab and dashboard.
clear browser data Cookies and cached images and files.

Create new multigraph, (do not select the advanced before you have added a feed.

insert the multigraph on the dashboard…

New question: is it possible to change the default view to day in a multigraph, I miss that setting like in the real time graph (zoom)

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