Multi headed EVSE

At present we have a dumb Rolec 7kWh unit that is used to charge Leaf.
A few months ago, I picked up Outlander and I am primarily using manufacturer supplied 2.4kW EVSE using mains socket.

I was wondering if it is possible to create an EVSE that supports multiple heads being plugged in simultaneously and being able to charge independently too

Hello @Hermit_Dave, @glyn.hudson may be able to help with this one, I think the answer will be that you need an EVSE controller and contactor per socket and then would need to design the ratings of everything else appropriately

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Many thanks. Let me read up on EVSE controller / contractors in the mean time

Contactors, not contractors. :smile:

LOL my bad

Hi Dave,

It would be possible to create a double-headed unit using two OpenEVSE controllers and two contactors. However, I can’t see any advantage of this over fitting two units.

In a domestic installation you would probably need load sharing between the two units to avoid a 14kW additional load which would most probably not be allowed by a DNO. EVSE’s installations are now required to be DNO notifiable.

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I suppose I need two load sharing EVSE controllers. Rolec doesn’t have load sharing capability unless only one needs to be capable.

I was looking at Viridian EVSE controllers - they seem to support load sharing so in theory I could replace existing EVSE controller with Viridian and DIY another unit

Load sharing is something we’re looking to implement on the OpenEVSE but it’s not available yet.

Sure, you could use the Viridian controller in place of the OpenEVSE. However, the WiFi interface would not be compatible.

Do the OpenEVSE have ability to interface with ToU tariff? You are right non compatible controllers cannot be expected to communicate.

I’m still in planning phase so nothing is set on stone.