MQTT, Node Red, Influxdb, Grafana

Guys, I’m setting up MQTT and Node-RED to write to an InfluxDB database and display on Grafana. But I’m stuck. I cannot collect individual cell measurements. For example, diyBMS posts messages to MQTT and Node-RED enters those messages into InfluxDB. If I subscribe to an individual cell topic, then it works. But Grafana sees measurements for only 1 cell, unlike how Node-RED debug shows every cell individually. Anyone know why?

What query are you using for the grafana panel to display the cell data? It should be able to use a wildcard to match all cells.

Got node red to log every cells now, thank. But arrive at another problem, how to point grafana to those measurements. I can make grafana show measurement for 1 cell but not the rest

What is the query you have put on the Grafana panel? It should normally be on the cell group rather than individual cells.

Would you mind show me your grafana query set up, thanks. From what is see with debug node cell are shown individually like 0/0 0/1… with their measurements

I can’t share mine currently but I know there are a few users on here who have it setup and should be able to assist.