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MQTT Node Red and missing topics

I have been trying to get some Shelly door/window sensors working with node red.
I have enabled the MQTT protocol on the devices, and set up a node red flow to get the messages from the emonpi broker. This is “connected” all the time and works, but not for the topics sent when the sensors detect an open door. The close door topics arrive fine. Also monitoring the broker with MQTT Explorer, the missing messages are there, so it seems the node red MQTT in is missing the topics. This is with all topics from the Shelly sensors passed on from the in node. Any ideas?

To be honest, I have no idea what you are trying to do from that description.

If it is a Node-Red question I suggest the NR forum is a better place to ask. There is nothing special about the MQTT Broker working on an EmonPi/EmonBase. The only thing is emoncms uses the base topic emon to pick up the feeds it needs.

I thought it was clear, but obviously not. The Shelly devices send MQTT to the emoncms MQTT broker,
Node red flow then picks up the MQTT topics from the emoncms broker.
Not all the topics that are sent to the broker by the shelly devices are received by the node red flow, as proved by monitoring the emoncms broker using MQTT-Explorer.
Is that clearer?

As a follow-up, I installed Node-Red on my windows machine, and that gets all the topics no problem.