MQTT for IotaWatt

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(michael quinn) #1

Have we thought about MQTT as the comm protocol for IotaWatt, ?
Would open up the platform for a whole variety of different interfaces (not for admin, but data) other than EMonCMS.

(Glyn Hudson) #2

I agree MQTT support would be fantastic. @overeasy has mentioned that MQTT is on the road-map or at least being considered. It should be fairly easy to add as there are some excellent MQTT client libraries for ESP8266. I’ve had good experience using MQTT pubsubclient for EmonESP and OpenEVSE projects:

(Philip Barclay) #3

Another vote for adding MQTT support. For the ESP8266 a great library to consider would be async-mqtt-client since it supports async operation, seemingly where a lot of @overeasy’s work has been of late.

(Glyn Hudson) #4

@overeasy is currently working on added MQTT support to IoTaWatt.

(Armando Govea) #5

Hi, any news about MQTT support for IoTaWatt?.

(Robert Wall) #6

Bob Lemaire can now be found at, he has set up a dedicated forum for IotaWatt, if you post your question there I’m sure he will get back to you quickly.

(Armando Govea) #7

Thank you Robert.