MQTT connection problem

my emonpi LCD displays "ERROR: MQTT not connected "
and logging processes has been stopped locally and remotely since this message appeared .
this is what I have tired

Oh dear, sorry to hear. Thanks for the logfiles.

It looks like the LCD script is connected to MQTT, at least this is what the log files reports.

Could you try restarting the Emoncms MQTT input script:

$ sudo service mqtt_input restart

Was the system working ok before this issue occurred? Did anything change prior to this issue? Is this a new system you are setting up

there was non-continuous logging before this problem
i did modification for calibration constant in Atmega firmware before a day
the system has been installed for approximately tow weeks with almost no problems.

thank you in advance.

I did update for emonpi and it works perfectly right now :slight_smile:
thank you Mr.Hudson .

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