Moving RFM69Pi and EMONHUB to another Pi

I would like to move my RFM69Pi to another Pi, together with EMONHUB, my intention is for EMONHUB to publish what it receives via MQTT which I’ll bridge to the original Pi and onwards into EMONCMS. Is there an easy way of installing EMONHUB only on the other Pi, and stopping the service from auto starting on the original Pi3?
Its been many months since I delved into OEM so I’d appreciate detailed instructions on the software side if possible, It only deals with a solitary EMONTH these days, so the traffic will be minimal

You could just subscribe to the MQTT server on the 2nd Pi from the first Pi. Using nodeRED to do the bridging will be easiest, see example reading emonTH data from MQTT using nodeRED (that’s built into emonSD):


I need to physically move the RFM69Pi, so I can get the UART pins back to use with built in Bluetooth.
Its how to disable EMONHUB on one, and install it on the other that I need to know about. This on a standard install is done as part of the installation?