Moving from mySQL to PHPFINA

I have re-configured my emonpi and I used the MYSQL Memory option to temporarily store the data on several feeds, I’ve noticed that the SQL server is filling up rapidly so I’d like to change this over to PHPFINA.
Is there an easy way of achieving this without deleting and re-creating the individual feeds?



I struggled with the same problem yesterday, but he other way round. I guess there is no really easy way to change them!

My experience:

Go to your inputs processor list, look what feed you want to change, klick edit.
Now it is kind of confusing. you now can select with what processor you want to replace it. If you now allready have another “Log to Feed” you can select one of the dropdown menu. If you haven’t created another, select create new, now with PHPFina for example. Finally click add. The Old Feed will be replaced by the new one.
The confusion with the edit function comes because it is more designed to replace a processor like *feed X by *feed Y or +input Z. If you want to do something like that, it is way more logical. At least to me.

BE AWARE: all the old stored data of course won’t be “migrated” because you created a new feed!!
However, the old feeds and with them their data will be still shown in your feed list, but they won’t produce any more Data. If you still want to have a look at your old data later, keep them in the feed list.
Also be aware that you won’t have that nice Updaterate you now have with MySQL ( I’ve seen your dashboards :wink: )
As someone else pointed out, you will be restricted to fastest 5s.

If there is another, faster, better method I would be glad to know. I also would be highly interested in a way to “migrate” the old data to the new feed!


I think the script may already exist thanks to @TrystanLea
Will try it later when I get home.

Yeah looks like it!

Would be interested in the outcome!