Moving from local Emoncms docker to a ubuntu server hosted on oracle cloud

I have been using Emnon cms hosted on a local docker for one year, but now I have a ubuntu server with emoncms hosted on oracle cloud-free tier, how can I migrate my data and dashboard to the new cloud-based server since emon cms docker backup feature gives an error ( Warning: service-runner is not running and is required.)

please any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Oddi_Ferreira probably the easiest way of uploading your feed data is to use the sync module.

Click on the sync module in the setup menu and then enter your cloud url and emoncms username and password. Assuming that it authenticates ok, click on upload all.

Then SSH into your local docker instance and run the sync script manually:

cd /opt/emoncms/modules/sync
sudo php sync_run.php

assuming that that is where the sync module is installed (Im not 100% on the docker install configuration)

tried to use sync but as soon as it connects to cloud server the start times goes to 1 Jan 1970 and nothing happens will try to upload screenshot later

Yes that’s to be expected without running the syn_run.php script. Normally on an emonSD based system, this would all happen automatically using the service-runner script, but that was not supported in the docker install. That’s why you need to run the underlying sync script manually…

thank you very much it worked had to run the command on emoncms-docker_php_1 container

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Great to hear!

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