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Move sd card to boot from ssd hd

Hello, I use the emoncms server on raspberry p4 b + with 8 gb ram and I would like to mount a 1 tb ssd disk to be able to use it also for nas services and more. Is there a standard procedure to move the boot from the sd card to the ssd disk?
Many thanks for help me.

If you search the forum for hdd,

(the search tool looks like this) image

you’ll find a few threads with the info you’re looking for.

hi Bill,

thanks for you reply.

The procedure in /emoncms/script/usb_hdd not working for Raspberry pi4.

I want one procedure for raspberry pi4 whit emoncms.

Many thanks

I have found the solution.

1 - install standard so whit Raspberry Pi imager
2- install hdd whit this istructions :
3- run the script : wget
chmod +x && ./

Hardware :

  • Raspberry pi4 master whit primary ssd 1Tb and secondary ssd 0.5 Tb (copy of samba directory)
  • Raspberry pi4 slave (mariadb slave and phpfina copy) whit primary ssd 1Tb

Service installed :

  • Mariadb
  • Samba
  • Emoncms