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Move from rpi3 to rpi4

I have the latest emoncms software and have moved it from an rpi3 to rpi4:

Version: low-write 10.7.7
Components: Emoncms Core v10.7.7 | App v2.3.0 | EmonHub Config v2.1.1 | Dashboard v2.1.4 | Device v2.1.2 | Graph v2.1.1 | Network Setup v1.0.2 | WiFi v2.1.0 | Backup v2.3.2 | DemandShaper v2.2.1 | Postprocess v2.2.2 | Sync v2.1.1 | Usefulscripts v2.3.7 | EmonScripts v1.3.8 | RFM2Pi v1.4.1 | Avrdude-rpi v1.0.0 | Emonhub v2.3.0 | EmonPi v2.9.4

Everything seems to be working correctly and I have done a full update and reboot from the emoncms gui on the new rpi4. In the admin info I’m getting:
Model: Raspberry Pi Model N/A Rev - ()

Do I need to do something else to have the software recognize my moving it to a different machine?
Thanks in advance and please let me know if you need more info.

Thanks @bgrattan not sure about this, it wont affect the running of the software at all, it will only be the display of the Model on the admin page. I will make a note to look into it.