Move from to local install

Hey there,

Now that I have a load of inputs, feeds and dashboards on is there a way to transfer all of that to a local install?

I’m not too fussed on the history, but it’s all the setup of inputs, process lists, feeds and dashboards that I really don’t want to have to create again from scratch!

Even if it was some sort of dump from the database that would be OK as I can figure things out from there probably.



History is possible to download using script from useful scripts repo. @TrystanLea will need to advise if migrating dashboards and input processing is currently possible from I’m not sure if it is currently.

I have been using the logging on since 2014 but the subscription scheme has encouraged me to set up a local emoncms. Like Martyn I have installed emoncms, currently on a different raspberry pi to the emonhub although I may well integrate them later. I have used the menu sync option which appears to download the historical data feed by feed but neither the input configuration, feed configuration nor dashboard configuration data is copied. Selecting the menu Scripts | Inputs, Feeds or dashboards makes no difference to the data copied…
Is there going to be a ‘noddy’ way of doing this before the end of the month or do we have to learn how to run php scripts ? I am sure there will be many people like me trying to do this just now and we need a simple way to do this.