Move data from local EmonCMS 8.5 to

I have a emonPi bought some years ago, running emoncms 8.5 lo-write. This gets fed data from an EmonTx using the 433MHz RF module.

I would like to migrate all data (feeds, dashboards, config etc) to opencms. org, instead of using the local emoncms. How can this be done?

I have managed to get my emonhub to send data to emoncms. org - so I am seeing a node and its current input values on emoncms. org.

Also - your forum seems to insist on treating “opencms. org” (without the space) as a hyperlink, and refuses to allow this post because of too many links!


martin Robinson

Hi Martin,

I’ve bumped your user account up a notch, so that shouldn’t be a problem now.

Thanks Bill.

Hello @Martin_Robinson there’s no simple way to migrate data up to at the moment. What is the reason you wish to migrate the data? if you are after remote access to local data you might be interested in trying dataplicity Remote Access - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor