More line types in Multigraph - new feature request


Just been playing with the balancing of our Boiler and Heat Bank and I have a request for a new feature for Multigraphs.

I have a Multigraph which displays the temperatures at various points on the Heat Bank using sensors in pockets. There are also sensors that report on the temperature of the CH feed, the UFH feed and the CH return - these are all externally mounted, so inside insulation against the pipes or just tied to the pipes.

Each of the plots on the multigraph has a different colour ranging from red to blue to give me a quick visual of which is which - however I’ve realised it would be great if I could have different line types as well, so for example for my multigraph I’d want dashed lines for the sensors which aren’t mounted in pockets in the Heat Bank - they tend to read a few degrees lower than I would expect.

I hope I’ve not missed something and this has already been implemented in a version that I haven’t upgraded to yet!!