More data through MQTT for the Thermostat of the Relay board?

According to the docs the WiFi MQTT Relay / Thermostat only has the DS18B20 temperature sensor value published ti MQTT and the state of the relay(s). And of course the relays can be controlled through MQTT.

However, the unit has an excellent Thermostat functionality whose parameters can only be set via its own gui as far as I was able to learn. Is it possible to add to the MQTT communication some more parameters like the Set Point value, and thermostat operation mode (Manual/Scheduled/Off)?

It would be perfect to be possible to use the built-in thermostat functionality as it’s much safer, and to be able to just control the most important parameters if it through MQTT.
Currently one can only control the switch directly, but that’s not useful, because the built-in thermostat functionality works independently and ovverides the switch. It would be better to rather control the thermostat parameters instead of the switch directly.

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I’m using home assistant, so exposing this functionality for a HA plugin would be great