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Month and Year usage the same?

Weird one, all help welcomed! As you can see from the attached screenshot, the default app is working fine for me apart from it shows month and year consumption the same, for some reason. The box has been running approx. 3 months now. Any tips as to where to look would be super handy. Thanks in advance. Ade

Could it be that we are in January so the only consumption this year matches the consumption for the first month of the year? If so they should start to diverge in February.

And…now I feel very dumb… :slight_smile: It’s early, that’s my excuse. Thank you!

Not at all, I wasn’t sure if it was intended to be a rolling 12 months either, but on reflection, if the monthly and yearly totals were rolling then we would never see the monthly total reset, so I guessed they weren’t.