Monitoring the solar divert

Hello, I have an EmonPi with CT clips in a ‘Type 1’ setup. This works very well. I also have a Solar-iboost to divert spare generation to the immersion heater in the hot cylinder. I should like to be able to show the diverted solar separately from the total house consumption, using the ‘My Solar Divert’ app. My question is how to put a CT clip onto the feed to the cylinder? This is a normal 2.5mm sq mains cable containing both live and neutral. Would I have to divide this up in some way, and would a CT clip then fit round the thin live wire? I realise I will need an EmonTx unit to monitor a third input. Thanks!

The size of the wire through the c.t., and it’s position, makes very little difference. Your big problem as I think you’ve realised is splitting the cable to reveal a single core - yes you must do that, and more importantly, you must do it safely. What many people don’t realise is the grey or white outer plastic is not insulation, it is mechanical protection for the physically much less strong blue or brown insulation underneath.

So I suggest the most satisfactory way will be to pass the cable through a plastic box - securing it with the correct glands, and split it inside the box, which is of course big enough to get the c.t. inside as well. That way, everything is protected from damage and safe.

Brilliant, thank you!