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Monitoring Solar PV, batteries, ASHP, solar thermal

This is my first post so a quick intro on me. I have an IT background (databases), comfortable with electronics, soldering and diy. Located in the South West of the UK. I am looking to setup monitoring of the different types of renewables we are currently using. Would really like all information in one place! I am looking for hardware advice - what to buy? I could start with emonPI to monitor PV and build up from there. Ultimately would I need more than one emonPI to monitor everything?

My goal is monitor PV generation, usage, export. Solar thermal collector temp. ASHP inlet outlet temps, outside air temp, dhw temp and battery storage (charge / discharge).

3.33 kWh Solar PV array. Fronius IG+35, no data logging option installed
Solar thermal (installer Solar Home Energy) controller - DeltaSol BS
Battery storage Sofar Solar ME3000SP inverter, 3x Pylontech US2000 total 7.2kWh storage
LG Thermo V R32 7kWh

The ASHP was fitted 17th May 2021. We previously had a combi boiler so used to instant hot water however now realising we are dependent on a tank of water (210L) . We have already ran out after 2 showers, apparently this is due to the system “still bedding in”… Strangely the fitters installed the controller for the LG in the loft, I have no idea why didnt get a chance to ask them. So its a trip to the loft to check on temps.

Currently the solar thermal remains to be plumbed in. It is a pressurised system attached to a vented tank. There is a maximum operating temp on the ASHP so the solar thermal will have to somehow limit its heating capacity to prevent damage to it (so I have been told). I have read other posts of DHW temps up to 80C so I am a little confused if this is bogus info, possibly they are confusing the water inlet temp with DHW temp? It would be very useful to monitor these temps to see if the system is operating within spec.