Monitoring results from a 5kW Ecodan heat pump

I’ve been writing up annual updates on the monitoring results for my air source heat pump now for several years, publishing on my blog. I recently updated the blog with my 2021 results as well as results for 2022 to date. All monitored using OpenEnergyMonitor kit of course :slight_smile: I’ve been meaning to post this up here for a while, I know quite a few here have already seen all this…

The headline figure is a SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance) of 3.96 in 2019, 3.91 in 2020 and 4.04 in 2021. Here are the annual results with discussion in a lot more detail:

And a blog post on the OpenEnergyMonitor monitoring setup behind this:

This is what the heat pump looks like at the back of the house, the house is a mid-terrace stone house without much insulation (see the blog posts for details on this):

and the system diagram (material/component cost only and a bit out of date by now, installation was in 2018):

The system is configured as a single open circuit with all TRV’s fully open, the radiators have been carefully designed to provide the right temperature in each room and it’s a small house with all rooms in use and so is a configuration that makes sense in our context.

There is no low loss header or buffer which removes the efficiency penalty that can result from water mixing in the buffer as well as reducing the number of pumps required to just the one pump. The Wilo pico central heating pump is also a low energy pump, consuming only about 11W when running.

Heat pump monitor app
I put a video together to demo the Emoncms heat pump monitor app last September, that shows data from the system, giving a good idea of what this looks like when it is running:

and here’s a video discussing the heat pump installation itself in a bit more detail:


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