Monitoring individual PV panels

I’m looking for a way to monitor the output of individual solar panels. Does anyone have any ideas?

Solar Edge inverters have that built into their online app when you have optimizers. Not sure what others have it because just about everyone around here has Solar Edge.

Yeah we are using Fronius inverters so we’ll be able to monitor individual arrays or the production on a per inverter basis. I’ve heard of the optimizer option, I’ve also heard that micro inverters would work as well. Problem is, I need a way to utilize the data. I need it sent to a private server… If I use an optimizer I think I’d be relegated to using the provided software.

Would really like a way to use Arduino or Raspberry Pi to make it happen!


The newer Enlighten manager has an undocumented API (I have the older pill shaped one and it doesn’t) that gives per panel figures from their microinverters in JSON format.

As this is undocumented it may disappear: Enphase Envoy-S “Data Scraping”. | thecomputerperson