Monitoring Chargemaster EV charger

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Hi all,

I’ve just bought a Renault ZOE electric car, and part of the deal is the free installation of a Chargemaster charging point. I would like to be able to monitor when and how the car is charging. Has anyone ever attempted something similar?
Initially I thought I’d be able to monitor the circuit from the fuseboard, but there’s a single cable containing live and neutral, and therefore a CT sensor won’t work.
Any idea how I could go about this?



Might there be room inside your consumer unit for a c.t? What size circuit breaker feeds the charger?

It’s like this one?

I’ve opened a few, there’s lots of room inside. The live and neutral wires are separated after the gland and screw in a big terminal block on the PCB so it’s easy to fit the appropriate CT’s. Also these boxes do not have any mains plug since they are used as a fixed charge point. It may be easier to locate the external junction box and install the CT’s there to avoid messing with the warranty.

Either a CT sensor in the unit itself or inside the fusebox. Make sure you isolate before opening either!

In the end, the electrician had to install a new separate “garage” consumer unit (right next to the main one). He accepted to remove 10 cm from the sheeting between the 3 cores going between them, which allowed me to wrap a CT sensor around it.

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