Monitoring 24V DC solar mills with GSM transmission of data

Hi all. We have just launched the world’s largest range of small solar powered solar mills (video here). These are 24V DC and 120-1200W so 5-50 Amps and usually 10-30 Amps. There is no inverter. Thus, we need a similar kit to what is shown here, but with DC hall sensors (100 Amp) instead of AC hall sensors. I am no Linux whiz, so am looking for paid help to make the kind of monitoring system that seems possible from the technology on this website, that can monitoring energy generated by the solar panels (one current sensor) and the energy used by the mills (1-3 current sensors) plus voltage so power generation/consumption data can be known. A nice-to-have would also be a relay to allow remote disconnection of the system. Please email me direct at [email protected] if of further interest, or reply here. Thanks in advance.

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