Monitor a binary value (e.g. a switch)

I would like to monitor a binary value (like a switch). It will only send data when it state changes (1 or 0). I now have the problem, that the graphs interpolate a line between the states.
Is it possible to do a graph in “staired” mode, that the line of the graph stays at the level until the next data point an then going up or down vertically and not diagonal. (I hope you understand what i mean)

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I think I understand. A similar problem exists for any input when there’s a communications or a power failure. The only way that I can think of (and I am not an emonCMS expert) is to look at the last state stored in the database (the Feed), write that into the Feed again, followed by the new state. That means a new function must be written inside emonCMS. I am assuming that the Feed is PHPTIMESERIES, which is the one to use when the data does not arrive at predicted intervals.

Alternatively, can you do the same at source - remember the state of the switch, then when it changes, send the old state followed by the new state?

@TrystanLea wrote emonCMS, and he’ll see this, but I doubt he will have time to do anything in the immediate future because of his present work on a new emonTx.

Thank you, for your answer. Now I at least know that there is no such feature.
Usually this is implemented in the code of a chart, many cart libs have the option to do a staired or stepped graph. As I have seen emonCMS has build its own chart lib and most likely does not have this options. So you approve would be an easy work around. I not depending on this feature, but it would be nice to have.

There is the “Input on-time” process:
“Counts the amount of time that an input is high in each day and logs the result to a feed. Created for counting the number of hours a solar hot water pump is on each day”
But I think this does not do what you are asking for.

No its not what I am really looking for.