Monitor 3-phase energy flow using single emonpi

Hello all,

I currently possess an emonpi with 2 ct sensors.
In my current set up,I have a 3kW solar panel set up which is grid connected.

I wanted to know if I can use an expansion board to allow for one more ct sensor.
Ideally, I would like to clip on one extra sensor which will monitor all 3 phases coming in from
the mains connection.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this set up will let me monitor the net consumption coming in from the grid.
If I want to monitor total solar production as well, I will be needing a separate 3-phase monitor for it?

The main goal is to monitor total electricity consumption and production of all 3-phases.

Any help is appreciated,

Thank you

Welcome, Add

You cannot easily add anything to your emonPi. You haven’t filled in your country, but from your IP address I think you are in India. The emonPi was designed for the UK domestic market, which is almost exclusively single phase.

You will indeed need 3 c.t’s to monitor your incoming supply, and if your PV is three-phase, then a further 3 c.t’s for that too.

If you want to buy a ready-made solution, then you need to add two emonTx’s. You could then use the emonPi and emonTx to measure one phase each, which would give you the best accuracy as all three voltages would be measured.

Alternatively, and especially if you want to build something yourself, I suggest you look at Boredom projects . There, there is a design based on the emonTx but using a more powerful processor (still in the Arduino range). You could easily alter that to measure two voltages and four currents, which should fulfil your needs.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I am based out of India.

The link you sent me seems appropriate for my situation. Will try it out and get back soon