Modifying the xiaomi Zigbee plug for the N.A market

I thought I give a better description of modifying the Xiaomi zigbee for the North American Market… (since my batch order of them came in today ) it is pretty simple and takes about 5 minutes to do :
you need a dremel and 1/32 cutoff blade and xiaomi zigbee plug…

cut in on the line and neutral legs about 0.5 mm inwards from both sides and twist leg parallel . then cut in about 1.5 mm on outside of the ground leg ( i use an angle grinder for this that had a 1/16 blade) . in the end it will look like this when finished

and it will sit flush to standard N.A outlet

actually the hardest part is taking out a little bit of material on the outlet so a polarize plugs will work. as this plug has builtin child safety locks. you will need to insert two things at once to open the door and then hold open the door from one side as to whittle the opening slightly so a polarize plug will work.

the device is only good to 10amps but so are most wifi swicthes in the same price range such as the sonoff s20 (if you do not care about power management the IKEA TRADFRI E1603 is $15 for ~15 amp – power management ones are in the $40 - $75 in most cases with zigbee )

nicest thing about them once you have zigbee2mqtt setup on your IOT controller ( with openhab or Domoticz) all it is, is a one button push and it all fully installed and ready to go. logging all your power measurements such as voltage, Consumption( kwh) and power( watts )- it all about the easy and privacy for me … I do not like having too fiddle once I have something set up… and zigbee falls into that category nicely ( probably why I am going to try to build my own version of AI_IOT controller next (ie Alexa - google home )

if you wish to use a 3 prong N.A plug you just have to purchase a AU plug adapter … they are not much I paid $0.89 for mine when I bought the xiaomi smart plug. but then again most <10 amp are 2 prong plugs

i currently use mine for turning on/off pumps, lights and dehumidifier at specific times via domoticz on my openwrt IOT controller …

but like everything if modifying a product there is always a potential risk of some form

okay good luck have fun :slight_smile: