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Modified setup

I am having to modify my setup as going towards having storage batteries in garage next to a consumer unit. I also want to measure flow etc on a heat meter to derive accurate COP for the ASHP.
My original setup was Emonpi in hall cupboard where solar panels connected to a house consumer unit using 2x CTs and pulse counting on generation/export meter. A second consumer unit is in the garage which distributes power to ASHP #1 & #2 and aux pump etc. I had 4 x CTs on 2 x EmonTx units plus pulse count on total import power and various temperature sensors (up to 8- HWT ,feed and return from ASHP, buffer tank temp etc. New setup is Emonpi in garage with one EMonTx and second EmonTx in hall cupboard. Because I now have total import power on EmonPi in garage (power 1) and solar generation in hall cupboard on emonTx ) power 2, how can I derive power1plus power2 as they are now coming from different units (and not both on the EmonPi)
Thanks for any help

Welcome, David, to the OEM forum.

You have all the inputs appearing on the Inputs page of emonCMS (on your emonPi). You can add or subtract whatever you like using the input processing maths. For timing reasons, it’s better to add a Feed rather than the corresponding Input. Therefore, what you need is (say) on the Input page of Power 1, use “+ feed” and name Power 2 as the feed to add. Ignore the PI’s own “power1pluspower2”.
You can do that after you’ve logged Power 1 to its feed, then a second ‘Log to feed’ will give you a feed of the sum.