Modbus RTU (RS485) Instructions

Let me start by saying I am not an expert but I have SOME experience with (and have working sketches) for:

  1. Arduino + Serial Modbus RTU (Over RS485) + MAX485 Module + PZEM-016 Energy meter (Latest model works with RS485 Modbus RTU).

  2. Arduino + Serial TTL + PZEM-004 + EmonCMS API Posting to

What I would like to accomplish as soon as possible is to combine Nr.1 + EmonCMS API Posting to or more preferably API Posting to Local EmonCMS server.

To read the information from a RS485 device was not hard at all and you would just need some information to start with.

I will post the instructions soon as I can see people are eager to read their ebay bought RS485 energy meters and should also work with 3 phase energy meters, inverters, charge controllers, almost anything working on the RS485 Modbus RTU Protocol given you have the required information to start with.

Can you post the arduino code you have used with pzem016? I have received one of this and want to use with esp8266

Hello Helianto,

You might find this thread helpful:

Hi 24sevenguy,

Can you share the code you used to read data from PZEM-016 energy meter using arduino.I already posted similar link in this forum but didnt got satisfactory replies.

link to my post please refer and help me out