Modal popup "Script Error" using Safari when viewing any dashboard in

This popup Script Error message started to appear today. Yesterday and before it has been fine with no issues. Seems to be a scripting issue. The popup script error message appears once I’ve clicked on any link from when wanting to view an installations Dashboard. The popup cannot be stopped, click Close and it instantly re-appears. It’s fine in Google Chrome browser, seems to be a Safari related problem.

I’m using:
Safari 17.5
OS 14.5 on iMac

I’m unable to get more detail in the Safari Developer Console window as nothing is shown.

Hello @JohnT I don’t seem to be getting this testing with Firefox, do you see it on this page? Emoncms - app view

Is there anyone else here with Safari able to replicate and find any other insight into what the error might be?

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Still get the same message upon clicking your link

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Years ago, I had Safari running - I think it might have been a Windows version via WINE. I don’t have it any more. I think later versions of Safari failed to work.

iOS indicates he’s running an Apple mobile device.

My typo Bill, it’s an iMac I’m using. Mobile device is fine and works okay. Only the Safari browser on the desktop gives the error.

NOT a problem.
The main point I was aiming at is the fact you’re running an Apple product vice a Windows platform.

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Checking this morning my modal pop-up script error message has now disappeared. I can view any installation with no error message. I’ve made no changes or updates at this end. Don’t know if anything has been done server / website side?

I’ll mark the topic as solved for housekeeping purposes. :thinking: