Missing postprocess and sync menu entries emoncms 9.9.9

After update to low-write emoncms 9.9.9 from 9.9.8 the postprocess and sync modules disappeared in Setup menu. The files and links in Modules folder seem to be OK

This is because the sidebar changes have been merged into every master repo and they conflict with these repos @glyn.hudson is the person to fix this.

Apologies for this, we are aware of this issue. As @borpin mentioned this is due to the beta release of emoncms V10 that in currently in the master branch, this will be released to stable branch hopefully later this week which will fix this issue. In the meantime the modules can be accessed directly via the URL:


For explanation of the issue see the Emoncms V10 thread:

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It is working with direct links



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after years of successful logging of my data at emoncms.org I looked into logging locally for the future.
I managed to install the latest emonSD-30Oct18 on my old and trusty Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2.0.
Everything is running fine. Now I would like to merge the 3.5 years worth of logged data on emoncms.org onto my local emoncms server but I unfortunately can’t get the sync tab to appear under settings.

See attached screenshot; everything appears correct and the module is installed; just not showing up.

Any idea where I can start to iron out this issue?



Hi @Antonius_Scheid

I am going to move your post to another thread as this is an issue being discussed currently. It is due to some incoming changes that have not yet reached the sync module.

Can you try using the url addresses as mentioned in the posts above and let us know if that works?

Hi Paul,

thank you for the quick reply;
I confirm, the links are working and all my data are already local. Tops!