Missing kWh/d values

From time to time my emonpi device dashboards fail to correctly show the total khwd used for the odd day or two in any 30 day period, yet if I look in the graph data view it clearly shows that it got measurements through-out the day in question.

It happens on all 3 of my installed devices on random days - each of them located at different sites and it does not appear to be caused by any power failure or similar event.

Any idea what might be causing this or how to fix it ?

Hello @G0LGS how are you generating the kwh per day data? which input processors are you using?


This is my processing list.

That seems fine, is there any difference between using the cumulative kwh: use_kwh feed and the emonpi:kwhd feed? you can use the first using delta mode and it may give better results… my other thought is perhaps a timezone related issue, are you using emoncms.org or a local instance?


At least on one of the 3 emonpi’s that are affected (the only on I can access right now) - If I change the dashboard settings from




Then it looks fine.

I do not use emomcms.org site only the individual emonpi’s.

Just a little thing, it is kWh/d i.e. kilo, Watt (it’s a person so a capital letter), hour, per day :grinning: .

@TrystanLea - really? :point_down:


Let’s not become the BBC (who always get it wrong!).

Indeed. We keep on pointing it out and it’s water off a duck’s back. The first reference I found was more than 4 years ago. From 2+ years ago: