Missing Formula Box in Post Processor

I’m trying to use the Post Processor. I believe I’m supposed to see something like this for entering a formula:

However, this is what I actually see:

There is no place to enter a formula. Is the Post Processor fully functional or still under development? Is there a guide for using the Post Processor?

Thanks in advance,


Sorry, Neil, but it looks as if your problem has got missed. Unfortunately, I’m not an emonCMS expert so I can’t help you. Hopefully, someone who can help will notice.

Thanks Robert,

This is a ‘tinkering’ hobby for me so I don’t have timelines.

I Don’t know how but the missing formula box reappeared. While working on other things, I may have rebooted and later I noticed the formula box had re-appeared. I haven’t been able to find the root cause though.

It’s been a few days now and all seems OK. If I ever find the root cause I’ll post it here.

Best wishes,

You sometimes need to force the browser to clear the cache and refresh especially following an update. If odd things like this happen, use a private or incognito page to check for browser cache issues.

force the browser to clear the cache

Which can be done via a CTRL-F5 keystroke.

Brian and Bill,

Thanks for the responses. I agree and I’ll try your recommendation if it happens again.