Missing flow rate on graph?!

Hello all, so ive had the Level 3 (COP): Flow rate & Heat metering installed for a while now (with the Sontex Superstatic 749 heat meter).

When i look in my apps and go into a graph for a single day, it shows flor and return temps, COP, and heat output, but it doesnt seem to show me the flow rate. ive gone into the configure section of the app to see whats happening there, and it appears to look right for the flow rate signal, it shows - heatpump_flowrate: heatmeter_FlowRate. i even tried turning this to auto but it still doesnt show a graph line. Does anyone know what could be happening here and how i can get it to show?

Many thanks in advance!

Have you clicked Show Detail underneath the daily graph in the EmonCMS app. There’s a check box for Show Flow Rate. It does not stay on, you have to enable it every time view.

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Hahaha im such an idiot! Amazing, thats done the trick!

Thanks for the help.

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