Missing emonSDexpand?

I’ve just downloaded the latest emonSD image -

URL    https://github.com/emoncms/emoncms.git
Branch    * stable
Describe    10.1.9-19-g1f3e991e

and flashed to a 32GB card using BalenaEtcher as suggested. I enabled SSH using the ‘ssh’ file in /boot , however, I don’t appear to be able to expand the image to the entire card as per the README?

Connect via SSH and run $ sudo emonSDexpand and then follow prompts.

However, the emonSDexpand script/code appears not to exist?

[email protected]:/ $ sudo emonSDexpand
sudo: emonSDexpand: command not found
[email protected]:/ $

Has anyone else come across this problem?


@TrystanLea This documentation needs changing

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