Missing data - or automatically handled? Emonhub MQTT to emoncms, missed messages?

I have been using emoncms for several years now, initially to look under the covers of my solar panels.

I run standalone on a pi, along with a few other projects. I just updated the os on the pi and migrated emoncms - I am still using version 10.8.1, I might look at upgrading that next.

Anyway, took some tweaking to get emonhub working properly, but in doing that I noticed that it sends data from my Tx3 every 5 seconds. However, the inputs on emoncms only update every 30 seconds or so. By itself, I’m not too worried about that, but what happens to the MQTT messages that are sent during that time? Are they processed and summed (which doesn’t make sense for voltage per se)? Or are they just lost? If they are lost, can I increase the frequency that emoncms pulls the messages?