Missing data on feeds from emontx4

Hi, I updated to the emontx4, which went ok.
However I note I have missing data on various feeds
The data can be missing for 4 mins at a time - which is less than ideal.
I’m using the wifi connection from the emontx4 to my local emoncms install.
Its sending the data over mqtt.
Looking at the emontx4 on the control section it has a “time” which is very wrong - like 5 hours out, BUT the admin log section that displays the last set of data sent to emoncms are good and cover the time when the records are missing in the emoncms
The feeds are my old ones which are setup as fixed interval 10 sec.
The emontx is sending records in each 10 sec window.

following up to myself.
It seems to only happen on some older feeds. Newly created ones are happy.
the weird ones store data correctly for 3 mins then record nothing for the next 4 mins.

I’ve run fix_interval.php on one of the feeds and which gives an output like
interval =5
start =1405768380
expected data points =58582330

feed:123, total:58582330 missing: 32811827, present:44.0%

I don’t know why it thinks its a 5 second interval - I’m sure it was created as a 10.

So now, how to fix that data?

I may have a clue for this one: Unless you specifically set an interval in the Feed interval drop-down box when you set up the Feed on the Input Process list, but leave “Select interval” showing, it appears to default to 5 s. I accidentally found this while checking something else and it’s reported here

and I’ve PM’d @TrystanLea over the weekend to draw his attention to the problem.

I’m afraid I don’t know how you recover from this, but I believe it is possible.

I fear I’d need to recreate the log - and its been there for many years.
But if I do…

Any ideas @TrystanLea ?

so, I’ve re-processed the data feed using the post process tool
I used “feeds” Downsample

This will fix the feed in place and convert it to a “n” second feed.
It saves the original to a new feed name.
Will do the same for the other ones!

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