Missing bar graph data in MyElectric app?

HI all. I’m running an Iotawatt with Emoncms on Ubunutu 20. Bar graphs are sporadic at best, but daily info is there. Where should I look to correct this?

Hello @gordopnac and welcome! What does your input processing look like for this? Are you using the power to kWh input process or something else?

I’m using the Power to kWh (line 3 in the screenshot).

Hello @gordopnac you can remove the final Log to feed (Join) process at the end, that’s just going to replicate your Main1 feed. Are you using feed 15-kWh in the app?

Yes, usingbthe 15-kWh in app.

Actually, there are two values asked for in the app. One is the actual use, and the other is the cumulative value. I have both available, but whatever I try to use results in odd displays. In one case the bar graph and numerical display shows positive snd negative values, which doesn’t make sense. In another, I get missing bar values. So what should the app variables be using?

And today they started working. Database issue?

Hello @gordopnac good to hear it started working. Im not sure what the issue was, it sounds like you had it all configured correctly.

Well, I don’t think it is working properly. It appears not to separate the two feeds to the correct graphs properly. If the daily bar chart is correct, the hourly is not. And in some configurations I get negative values which are not correct. The app is just not usable.