Missing Arduino Sketch for communicating with Kamstrup 601 Energy Meter - found

Hi, I was looking for the arduino sketch that “boelle” had in an attachment to a post on Fri, 05/09/2014 - 17:07.


The post is archived, I believe this is the reason the attachment is not available?

It would be really great if you could find it. I’m in the process of trying to get data out of the Kamstrup 601 energy meter.



Let’s ask @boelle if he still has it.


sadly he does not :-/

distrct heating company offered remote readout down to hour basis if i wanted to pay the extra

so i opted for dalily readout that i can get at their website

i was also contacted on facebook and explained in danish where i got my inspiration from


site is in danish but code is there and also google translate goes a long way

Maybe you have access to the archive/attachments?

found it here: https://openenergymonitor.org/forum-archive/sites/default/files/sketch_sep06a_1.html

the formatting is just bad

i might be wrong but i think the code to get data out of the heat meter is:

Download it and save as a text file (.ino) and all is OK.

It is only when viewed in a browser that you have a problem - there are no HTML <br> symbols in it.

oki… new pastebin: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Pastebin.com

NOTE: serial pins for the IR head for the heat meter is not set at this stage

Hai francis, have you succeeded? I want the same and tried the script below:

I get back of my serial arduino serial monitor: crc error or data timeout.
I use the right pins 9 and 10.What can I try else?

BezbLemZ.zip (2.3 KB)

Edit - attached script to post. BT - Moderator

You’re replying to a post that is almost two years old. The party to whom you addressed your
question hasn’t been on the forum since March of 2018. You may or may not get an answer.

Please attach your scripts directly to your post. If the third party site you linked to becomes
unavailable, you post loses its value. I’ve done that for the script mentioned in your post above.