Minimum Value of Realtime Visualization

Hello community,

I’m new to the community but I’m not new in emoncms & openergymonitor. I’m playing around with it for quite some time. At the Moment I’m trying to log my electricity data with a Raspberry Pi which is reading a 3Phase Meter over ModBus. This works pretty well but i have a Problem with the visualization of the Line Frequency. I want to make a realtime Visualization which shows the variation of it.

Here’s my Problem:

The Minimum of the Data Shown in the Realtime Vis ist 0 but it would be great if the Minimum could be changed to another value. I want my Realtime vis to show me the line frequency between 49.2 Hz and 50.8 Hz. Could anyone tell me what to change in the realtime.php?

Here is a link to my emoncms dashboard:

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Hello Stefan, the line you need to change is this one here:


lines: { fill: true },


lines: { fill: false },

That will remove the fill colour but allows the yaxis to resize automatically

Thank you that was exactly what I was looking for.