Mini CTs

I’m wondering if it is possible to get more compact CTs? With the EmonTX V4 having 6 inputs. the ability to monitor multiple circuits is more attractive. However, the limiting factor is likely to be the space in the consumer unit (yes aware of the dangers of fiddling inside the CU).

Is it possible? Only need to be a max 16A for most domestic circuits.

Yes, we are planning to stock a wider range of CT sensors. The ECS06 here is particularly small there used to be an ECS1050 50A CT on there but I cant seem to find it now. Or for a solid core option the Talema is a nice compact option

Left to right: 20A 0.1%, 25A 0.5%, 50A 0.5%, 100A 3%


Is this the “50” you couldn’t find? (or a suitable substitute)


Sorry I realise it’s the ECS10-50 you can order the ECS10 in quite a few configurations.

If nothing else, the AZ series gives you yet another option - i.e a 40 Amp CT.

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Is the one second from left (white) a clip on?

Yes it is. I’m looking at it on Trystan’s desk.

It is an Echun ECS0625 - 6mm opening.