Migrating data from MYSQL to MariaDB - unable to see feeds

Hi everyone,

I have an old version [9.7.3 | 2016.09.28] of emonCMS running on a Digital Ocean droplet (VM).
It’s utilises the MYSQL engine to store data.

I’ve followed this guide and installed a Redis enabled version: low-write 11.3.0

I then exported the MYSQL database tables (feeds, inputs & individual feed tables) and imported them into the relevant MariaDB tables.

But the Feeds list is not populated:

I noted that @Lykke had a similar issue

I’ve tried flushing the redis cache.

here’s my settings.ini

emoncms_dir = "/opt/emoncms"
openenergymonitor_dir = "/opt/openenergymonitor"

server = ""
database = "emoncms"
username = "emoncms"
password = "@[email protected]"
dbtest   = false

enabled = true
prefix = ''

enabled = false
user = 'emonpi'
password = 'emonpimqtt2016'

engines_hidden = [2,5,6,8,10]
redisbuffer[enabled] = true
redisbuffer[sleep] = 300
phpfina[datadir] = '/var/opt/emoncms/phpfina/'
phptimeseries[datadir] = '/var/opt/emoncms/phptimeseries/'

enable_admin_ui = true
feedviewpath = "graph/"
favicon = "favicon_emonpi.png"

level = 2

I’ve excluded MYSQL:0 from engines_hidden? My thinking is that this enables MYSQL feeds creation?

More info
I’ve noticed that the information_schema database is empty i.e.

select * from  information_schema.TABLES where TABLE_SCHEMA = 'emoncms'

and that the List Feeds API i.e. …/feed/list.json?meta=1&apikey=myAPIReadKey
returns an empty array []

Hello @RobGordon

Does the following SQL command return the feeds? assuming you have logged in to MariaDB and changed to the emoncms database context, e.g USE emoncms.

SELECT * FROM feeds;

Hey @TrystanLea,
It was my lack of understanding of REDIS.
I didn’t realise that I need to link the inputs to the feed tables utilising REDIS via HSET command.
Previously we updated the processList field

Here’s the SQL to generate the commands:

SELECT CONCAT("HSET input:", I.id, " processList 1:", F.id) as HSET_Redis_Commands
FROM emoncms.feeds AS F
LEFT JOIN emoncms.input AS I 
	ON F.name = CONCAT("node:", I.nodeid, ":", I.name, "MYSQL")
	AND I.userid = F.userid