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Migrated from OG Kickstarter emonPi on RPi2 to RPi3B+, Power Values Doubled in power1power2 Feed

Raspberry Pi 3B+
emonCMS: 10.5.6
SD Build: emonSD-24Jul20

Power outage fragged original SD card running 10.5.6 on RPi 2. Replaced unit with RPi3B+ and latest SD image. Restored backup from a few months ago along with node-red stuff. After fixing feed IDs, everything is working now, except the Home Electric app screen. The power1, power2,
and power1pluspower2 inputs are all showing valid units.

Power1 and power2 feeds are correct, but the power1power2 feed is exactly double p1+p2.

MQTT export is showing up correct as well.

Steps to migrate: Swapped rpi in case and installed fresh SD w/24Jul20 image. Ran emonCMS updates. Rebooted. Ran apt update/upgrade. Rebooted. Imported last backup from before original SD failed.


Hello @jvhutchisonjr

It looks like you are adding these inputs together a second time in your input processing, you only need the log to feed process there as this sum is performed on the emonpi itself.

That fixed it, thank you.

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