Migrate old data from emoncms.org to localhost server


I try to setup local server with emoncms. Setting this local server feed same like https://emoncsm.org. This local server can received new feed from emonpi like normal emoncms for more then 2 week…
i wanna try merge this local server with old data from emoncms.org. then, I used usefulscript (GitHub - emoncms/usefulscripts: Some useful scripts for administering Emoncms accounts), download .dat dan .meta from emoncsm.org, rename every .dat and .meta file, and upload to my local server, seen total kwh going wrong. Already try download from emonpi, rename it and upload to local server. also no luck.

Apps view at localhost

Apps view at emoncms.org

This my setting at emoncms.org

This is my setting at localhost server.

I don’t know how to fix this. Need help. Thanks.

bump up.

no one have this experience before?

Hello @Roduan, In addition to the .meta and .dat files the last value and last time updated for each feed is cached in redis. The issue you are seening could be related to that. If you copy the files over again and then clear redis (forcing a cache reload) it may sort the issue.

Alternatively have you tried using the emoncms sync module? It handles this process automatically.

I got it using Sync

Dear all,
I’m trying to move my database from emoncms.org to my local server on windows (no raspberry).
I have included Sync module but not appear in my page.
Are there some other settings?

Thanks a lot for support!


Hello @khriss75, did you have redis on your system? the sync module requires redis. There are likely a few other steps to make it work on windows as it is primarily designed for raspberrypi/linux environments.

Thanks for your support @TrystanLea,
I installed the emoncms on windows and it is working (followed instruction).
Where may I find the redis installation for windows?
I’m a little noob :slight_smile: sorry!

Not sure about redis for windows I’m afraid, perhaps search redis installation windows on google?

If you do get redis to work it would be great to know. It may not be straightforward…

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