microSD card capacity recognition limit?

@borpin suggested me to replace my current microSD card (bought from OEM with the emonPi) as it might fail in a near future. So, I was looking to buy a new one (according to previous discussions/posts, I’m currently considering “endurance” type of card such as WD purple, Transcend High Endurance, etc.), but I was wondering is there a maximum microSD size that an emonPi bought in 2020 can recognize (or there is no limit)?
Thank you for the clarification.

Not that I know of, but space really isn’t an issue on an emonPi as the data storage is very efficient so you are unlikely to run out! I think the shop use 32GB cards - more than enough.

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I was looking at upgrading my SD card, is there a way to copy the SD to a new one instead of reinstalling?

Upgrading should really include starting with a new base image.

The USB import method works pretty well and is non-destructive (You can just put the old one back if necessary).

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