I tried to install my Heatpump ESP new but the schets keeps asking for the file #include “MicroDebug.h”

Where can i find this file

Probably going to be GitHub - jeremypoulter/MicroDebug: Quick and simple debug module for micro controlers but I haven’t done anything heat pump related, I assume it is based on EnonESP?

Thanks for the reply,

Yes i have a HeatpumpmonitorTH tad has stopt. I now trying to fix that.
It user ESP whit a ESP12s

I still have problems to flash an ESP12.
Now a wonder if is it possible to connect the HeatpumpmonitorTH direct to the Emonbase. I would like to connect the RX and TX direct to the Raspberry. Can anyone tell me if that’s going to work and what connections on the Pi I should use.

On the Pi is already an RFM12 connected.