Metoffice External temperature Input lost - heat pump bundle

My emoncms is no longer displaying the external temperature. This stopped about 6 days ago. I believe it was from the met office.
Can anyone let me know how to get the data logged and displayed again?

I doubt anyone can help you with this unless you provide more information.

EmonCMS does not get (= fetch) any information from anywhere, you or someone you’ve asked to help you must have set up another application, either on the device emonCMS itself is running on or a different device entirely, to send the data to emonCMS.

By “another application” I’m including any of the home automation and similar services.

If you’re talking about, they do pull temperature data from the MetOffice, but sometimes the API has an outage.

Hi Hugh,

Your external temperature reading has now been restored. Sorry for the outage.


Thanks for your reply. The external temperature data was there from installation.The installers was in a hurry to move on so I am sure they didn’t set it up.

Thanks a lot - I appreciate your prompt response