Meteobridge error: Timed out to connect to MYSQL database: 6 seconds

Hi, newbie here. Absolutely loving the emonpi and emontx (3 off) I have installed and gathering data. Well done to all those involved in its development. The insights from my data are coming, just need to get my head around the dashboards and API calls.

On another topic, I want to store the data from my weather station in MySQL on the emonpi. I hope I have used the right forum.

I followed an excellent article on this:

The Meteobridge I am using is a reflashed router that allows me to push my weather station data to WeatherUnderground and a raft of other duties.

But I get the above time out error. Spent hours and hours on various websites and am still stonkered (binding, ports, even tried HTTP instead of a MySQL call…)

Everything looks ok on the emonpi, phpMyAdmin and Meteobridge.

I’m wondering if the Apache server is blocking the remote connection to MySQL? The emonpi and Meteobridge all sit on my home network.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

I had to issue an iptables command to allow Meteobridge to post to MYSQL.

All good now.

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