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Message: Error: Could not save Dashboard. Dashboard not updated

Hi All
I seem to be getting the below error message when trying to save a dashboard.
It seems to be caused by creating duplicate “Feed Values”

For anybody who runs into this problem in the future, I was hitting the SQL limit on the table that the dashboard saves too. The solution was to change the SQL table properties from TEXT to LONGTEXT

I think @Trystan needs to know about this.

My dashboard is as below, I take it that I must have the most complex dashboard then :joy:

Hi Dave, unfortunately I am not very skilled with SQL, but have the error you described on a dashboard, can you create a step by step guide on how I can change the SQL table properties from TEXT to LONGTEXT. Thanks for your efforts.

here are the steps I have taken today:

  1. sudo mysql -u root -p
  2. show databases;
  3. use emoncms;
  4. show fields from dashboard;
  5. ALTER TABLE dashboard MODIFY content LONGTEXT;
  6. show fields from dashboard;
  7. quit
    hope it is so correct