MELCloud Service Outage - April 2024


I’m back up and running. All the tinkering caused mine to fall off the WiFi.

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I agree Dan, Cant believe that Mitsibushi still run such a poorly conceived app and service, there is so much more they could offer their customers. I’m glad I built a dongle using your guide. Works so much better than Melcloud. Amd I have control locally not relying on their service.

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I wonder what functionality is missing.

Melcloud’s business model looks unsustainable to me. Buy once and get service for as long as we have the dongle? Seems to rely on an infinite number of new buyers, or people stopping using it before their payment has been spent.

I must check my MMSP contract because it doesn’t look like melcloud is filling in the gaps from the outage.

The MMSP agreement I have from my installer says they will record at least 75% of the information that was possible, at the bottom of page 6. I don’t think Ofgem are worried about a few days missing.


Great if it succesfully records March to November…

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Is anyone else finding that the timer functionality within MELCloud is not working properly? I can control the stats from the app but the timer appears to do absolutely nothing. Have had to use the unit for the timer.

@Godfrey_Almeida - it’s been working ok for me - no problems over last few days and looks to have worked as intended last night.


The difference is your customers may have an alternative. If you have a Mitsu HP, there is no choice. I’d be surprised if there is anything in the contract or T&Cs that doesn’t allow them to just ditch it (reputational impact aside).

No choice except the excellent direct cn105 controller discussed on these very forums and sorting out your own remote access.


The new FTC7 controller has MELCloud built in so must be part of the strategy

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