MELCloud flow rate missing

Has anybody noticed that the Mitsubishi ecodan Ashp flow rate temperature values have been greyed out on the MELCloud app. (In the last month) ?

Seems to be OK here

Also working on the app.

Thanks for the info. I have checked the app and website and still don’t see any flow temps.
I have checked the ftc5 controller and the flow temps are present there.

Apart from that the heat pump appears to working ok, keeping the house warm.

I hadn’t looked at it before, but the support page doesn’t help.

The Ecodan Homeowner Helpline number is 0161 866 6064

Thanks I will give them a call.

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No. That’s what happens if you click the key. If you click/tap “Flow Temperature”, it will get its colour back and reappear on the graph. Similarly “Return Temperature”. And you might want to do “Flow Temperature Boiler” (to switch it off) unless you have a boiler.


Brilliant!!! Thank you very much. I now have all my flow data back. I must have disabled it by mistake. :smiley: